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Racket sports have always played a big part in my life from tennis growing up, then moved to squash and I was first introduced to padel when I moved to Lanzarote working initially as a squash and golf coach where I quickly became hooked. After moving back to the UK, I also qualified as a padel coach and formed a women’s padel team that soon became national champions. Following this, before Padium, I was also the Assistant Coach for the GB Women’s Padel team.

I’m excited to be a part of growing the sport in the UK and building a strong community at Padium.



I first played Padel in Madrid whilst I was living there on Erasmus and instantly fell in love with the sport. Although I am still learning how to play well, when I moved back home, I set up the first UK university padel society at the University of Leeds and discovered a passion for growing the sport. The best thing about the sport, I think, is that it is a real leveller and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities which allows it to be so inclusive. 


I feel so lucky to be part of Padium and helping to give the best experience of padel to all of our customers and beyond. It’s so exciting to watch our growing community and I can’t wait for its future!

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I’ve had a strong racket sports background as I started playing tennis when I was only 3 years old. I got into padel at the age of 8 and by the time I turned 16, I had to make a choice between the two so I stopped playing tennis to focus on my professional padel career. I was #1 in the UK rankings from 2019 to 2022.


As Head Coach at Padium, I want to develop the best academy for our clients to enjoy and learn padel, focusing on technique but also on the importance of tactics and positioning in the court which I think are essential.

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Padel has always been around me since I was very young. I started playing tennis when I was 3 years old and made the switch to padel at the age of 8.


As a coach I want to make sure that every single person that steps on court with me gets to feel the same that I feel whenever I step on a padel court, the love for the game. Can't wait to see you all on court at Padium.... VAMOS!'



I’ve been playing padel since I was 8 years old having discovered the sport in southern Spain and have competed for Team GB at every junior level as a player. Most notably being involved in the Team GB side that came 3rd at the World Championships in Mexico 2015 and also having captained Team GB Junior team at the World Championships in 2017.

I hope I can share my passion for padel with everyone who I step on court with so that they can get addicted to the sport as quickly as I did!

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